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Interview with Rachel Kennedy

When I first set up The Platform Hub, I had two objectives. The first was to bring together new talent to work on projects as a group. The second was to highlight talent that is already out there.

One talent that seems prevalent amongst my Facebook friends is Writing. Recently, Rachel Kennedy announced the release of her book – she has agreed to a Q&A session.

Platform Hub (PH): Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Rachel Kennedy (RK): Well, I’m twenty-three, I was born in Glasgow and grew up not far from there. I’m a huge fan of theatre, especially musicals. I recently graduated from college where I was studying Acting and Performance and now I’m working for a company in Bonnybridge.

(PH): Is writing something that you enjoyed from a young age?

(RK): Absolutely! I’ve always been very passionate about writing. I have very fond memories of my Gran helping me when I was younger; she used to type out all of my stories and print them for me to keep.

(PH): Is "I Know You" your first book?

(RK): It is indeed. I’ve started many other books before, but just never got around to completing them.

(PH): Without giving too much away, can you tell us about it?

(RK): It’s about a normal teenage girl called Stacey. She has an ordinary life; she goes out with friends, fights with family, hates her job. But one day she meets a boy called Craig, and from then on, everything begins to change. You could say it has a bit of everything: romance, excitement, betrayal, the supernatural.

(PH): Where do you draw your inspiration from?

(RK): I tend to just sit down and write. I don’t plan it beforehand, I never have done. I guess past experiences can have an impact on the end result, but most of it comes purely from imagination.

Like I said before, my Gran was a huge inspiration to me. She was a primary teacher and she taught English to many secondary school pupils, helping them through their exams. She really helped and encouraged me when I was younger.

(PH): Will there be any sequels or was this a one-off?

(RK): We’ll have to wait and see! I definitely think there’s room for a sequel though.

(PH): I Know from experience of writing my scripts that it can be a very long process with many interruptions – how long did it take for you write your novel?

(RK): It took me about five months to write it. I’d just finished college and was off for the summer so I thought I’d put my time to good use. I can’t say it will always be so fast though – as you say, it can be a long and gruelling process.

(PH): Were your family supportive during the process?

(RK): Oh yes, very. My stepfather is also an author so he was always on hand to offer good advice. My mum has been excellent; I don’t know how many times she’s read the book now!

My Dad has always been incredibly supportive.

(PH): Many writers are very artistic as well – I believe that you draw also?

(RK): I like to draw, yes, although it's mainly just doodles. I've always been very interested in art as my grandfather was an artist, but I was never all that good at it in school. I was drawing with my daughter a few weeks ago and I was thinking, 'Hey, this is actually quite fun. I can do this.' I'm no Picasso by any means but I do enjoy it, which I think is the important thing.

(PH): What's next for Rachel Kennedy, the author?

(RK): I've started my next book, so that's something to keep me busy for a while. It's nice to get back to the writing process, rather than non stop editing.

(PH): Have you considered any collaborative projects?

(RK): Honestly, I haven't really thought much about it. Anything is a possibility.

(PH): Are there any plans to turn your novel into a movie?

(RK): Ha ha, it's very early days, so no, at the moment there are no plans. I wouldn’t complain though!

(PH): Are you active in any local Writing Clubs?

(RK): I'm not in any local writing clubs, no, but I plan to join the Society of Authors.

(PH): What advice could you give to readers of my blog if they were interested in writing?

(RK): Have a go, and most importantly, believe in yourself. If you don't, no one else will. Ask family and friends to have a read and give you honest criticism; sometimes you write so much you become blind, so other's opinions can be a huge help. If you have a finished manuscript, send it away to as many publishers as possible and do prepare yourself for disappointment - not everyone is going to like your work. But I'd say determination and of course, imagination, are two of the most important qualities to being a writer.

(PH): When will your book be available to buy?

(RK): I don't have an exact date yet as it has just been through its final edit, but I'll be sure to let you know.

(PH): Thank you for taking the time to chat with me!

(RK): You’re very welcome, and thank you!

Look out for Rachel's Book in the shops - we'll keep you posted on its release.

In the meantime - please take the time to like Rachel's Facebook Page.  You can also keep up-to-date with Rachel via Twitter!

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